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Study Visa

Every country has its own set of standards for visa services to guarantee that the student would benefit the country and will not be held responsible for any misconduct committed during education. It is hard to attain a Student Visa to enter a country and enjoy its educational and other facilities. Furthermore, there are several documentation and requirements involved in the process.
When studying in a foreign country, students must obtain a Student Visa. Every year, Travel Xperts’ success record assists several students in gaining admission to various institutions. We help to provide a student visas for the countries such as Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, UAE, Europe and Australia countries.

Student Visa Guidelines

To avoid having your student visa canceled, you must fulfill the following rules:
  • While studying on a student visa process you are allowed to work limited hours (usually 20 hours per week) in campus jobs.
  • You must attend all of your classes (unless there is an emergency).
  • If you receive a scholarship, you must keep a certain GPA.
  • You are not permitted to stay once your visa has expired.
  • A student visa does not allow you to seek permanent residency.

Requirements for Student Visa

To avoid having your student visa canceled, you must fulfill the following rules:
  • Passport (having 6 Months validity).
  • Photographs of passports.
  • Admissions documentation.
  • Proof of financial resources.
  • Documents relevant to civil.
  • International student health insurance is available.
  • Previous academic records.

Why Choose Us?

We at Travel Xpert Vacations Pvt. Ltd., Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar, can assist you in fulfilling your dream of studying abroad. More than half of Punjab’s population is settled in other countries. Jalandhar is a place to several of Punjab’s best international schools. Many students choose to study abroad after finishing their secondary education to further their studies and advance their jobs. Even though, many students are unsure of how to get to their destination. Travel Xpert Vacations Pvt. Ltd. opens the doors to a better academic environment in international schooling.