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PR Consultants

PR is an abbreviated form for Permanent Residency, and it refers to a person’s resident status, which is frequently permanent. As a result, the name of a permanent resident does not have the same privileges as a citizen. Everyone with a PR from any country becomes a citizen of the country for which one has a passport. They can’t possibly be the same.
The benefits of permanent residency vary depending on the country in which you are granted permanent residency. Several countries provide citizenship, while others provide the ability to vote.

Eligibility for PR Application

Each country’s eligibility criteria differ. In addition to the country requirements, registration is determined by the type of PR chosen. Our PR consultants at Travel Xpert Vacations Pvt. Ltd. review your profile and recommend a country where you could be qualified for permanent residency.
The following is the most prevalent eligibility condition for applying for PR:
  • Age range: 21 to 40 years
  • English Language Proficiency – A good IELTS/PTE/TOEFL score
  • Minimum two years of employment in or out of the country
  • A required academic qualification is a bachelor’s degree.
  • Sponsorship by the government
  • A skill set might be useful.

Why Choose Us?

The consultants at Travel Xpert Vacations Pvt. Ltd. aim to connect with clients, understand their needs and requirements, and then counsel them. They believe in giving individuals full value for their time, money, and trust. Travel Xpert Vacations Pvt. Ltd. provides Permanent Residency consultancy. For those who perform thorough studies to provide answers to concerns, whether financial or personal. The expertise assists clients in determining the best option for a better future and looks forward to building a long-term connection. They offer to advise and help, which has proven useful to many of their clients. We believe in developing long-term relationships with their clientele based on trust. It seeks to save time while producing useful results.