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About Golden Lion Recruitment

Golden Lion Recruitment is an New Brunswick based staffing and recruitment company that has been successfully placing candidates in permanent and temporary positions from a very long time.

We recruit and select candidates based on our core values: enthusiasm, sincerity, stability and loyalty. Our success stems from working with great people and businesses that support these core values and live them in their workplace each and every day.

Golden Lion Recruitment has grown steadily that has assisted many businesses over the years with what is often their largest challenge and financial investment—recruiting and hiring great employees.

As Golden Lion Recruitment, helps NB’s companies grow, we also help thousands of people find meaningful work and careers with great companies. At Golden Lion Recruitment’s core, we are about helping people find positions right for them in a positive workplace with optimism for the future.

Our Mission

To strengthen Canadian employer bottom lines & help eliminate barriers to employment faced by the Canadian labor force while enhancing the skill levels of human resources supporting Canadian businesses. We achieve this by delivering outstanding services & programs supporting the HR needs of employers.

We build partnerships with clients and candidates based on personalized and professional service. Golden Lion Recuritment helps clients and job seekers make smart business decisions based on quality opportunities and quality candidates.

Our Values
We Are Inclusive
We Are Results Oriented
We Are Collaborative
We Are Accountable
Why Choose Golden Lion Recuritment?


Our process is based on our client’s specific requirements. Golden Lion Recruitment will go to the extent to uphold the confidence that you, our clients place in us. We understand that your employees are your most valuable investment and we feel honored to be entrusted with such a significant responsibility. We follow a stringent recruitment process resulting in a focused process from start to finish.

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We believe in you! Golden Lion Recruitment is a great first and only choice for any organization looking for HR solutions. Golden Lion Recuritment has great pricing and employees with strong and tested skill sets.

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