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About Us

About Us

What you can buy from Elicon ?

Everything that you can buy in a farm shop or market such as fruits & vegetable
What makes wholesale purchases good for your business is the amount of savings that you can get. Buying your fruits and vegetables from a grocery store can cost you a lot. With wholesale purchases, you can buy the same number of fruits and vegetables at around 25% lower than your overall cost in grocery stores. 
Buying wholesale fruits and vegetables is certainly good for your business. However, you must assess the following factors first so that you can get the best value out of purchasing wholesale food products.

Why Elicon?

A quality promise- from healthy fruits to fresh vegetables
The answer is simple. We guarantee a high level of quality, consistency and reliability across our entire product range. We only source from the best and are committed to quality control, leaving you with a product that your customers will love.

Products Offered

One major factor that you must consider first is the products a wholesale store offers. Some stores offer fruits and vegetables that are fresh, canned, or dried.
Other stores, however, only offer a specific type of fruits and vegetables. As a business owner, it would be a wise decision to buy from a store that offers a huge variety of products than those who just offer a limited supply of fruits and vegetables.

Delivery Method

We offers the online orders and that you can expect delivery of your purchase after a few days. On the other hand, we also have physical stores so that you can see the quality of the products. If you think that you can wait patiently for the delivery of your products to come, then you can go for that option. This option, however, will assess how the store manages to deliver all the products in good shape.
So, if you feel that you can manage to pick up and transport your products safely, then go for that option. Either way, most wholesale stores now offer both options for your convenience. Of course, one common factor that every business owner must know is the comparison of prices among wholesale stores. The same thing applies to the store that you will choose in the end. If you want the best wholesale store for your fruits and vegetables, then you may want to contact us at Elicon. We offer a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetable products that you can offer to your consumers